6 Steps To Becoming Location Independent

Location Independent: 6 Steps To A New Lifestyle


Anybody who knows me will know that achieving location independence is a life goal of mine. It’s also one of the main reasons this blog was born.

The freedom, adventures, spontaneity. These are just a few benefits of becoming location independent that keep me motivated every day to take steps towards achieving it.

The ability to create an online income is paramount to achieving location independence. It’s for this reason that a good amount of my resources, both physical and mental, are invested in building that lifestyle.

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Put simply, location independence is the luxury of not being tied to any single location in the world.

This means your line of work doesn’t require you to ever be in the office or on-site. Maybe you don’t even have an office, many of those who achieve location independence make their money online.

Additionally, the location independent among us are usually minimalist who can fit all of their belongings in a backpack. These are people who don’t get their kicks from material possessions.

Another implication of becoming location independent is that it’s rare to own any property at all. Location independent lifestyles usually entail lots of travel and bouncing between locations. Owning property is merely seen as a burden.

Finally, while often still maintaining strong family ties, those living a location independent lifestyle rarely have family obligations they need to attend.

Becoming location independent often gives you the freedom to live life on your own terms.


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So what steps should I take to becoming location independent?

First things first, it’s definitely not easy and it’s not for everyone. No colleagues, no office parties, this lifestyle can come at the price of often feeling lonely.

What’s more, it usually comes with the sacrifice of any fulfillment that you might have in a relationship. That’s unless you find a partner living to the same means, which isn’t the easiest!

Being so far from home, you might feel isolated, you might get homesick. If you find joy in coming home to your family every day, this probably isn’t for you.

With that said, if it sounds like your kinda gig, let’s look at making steps towards achieving location independence.

1) Start Living Like A Minimalist




First of all, it’s necessary to start purging your belongings. Living this lifestyle you’ll find usually entails living out of a backpack. You often won’t be in one place for very long and it gets old fast having to lug suitcases full of crap you don’t need around the world.

Start by selling off or donating anything that’s just been gathering dust for months or even years. This is an easy first step, and almost everyone keeps hold of some kind of tat they swear they’ll need one day.

After that, you can practice living more minimally by packing your favourite items of clothing and accessories into a suitcase or large backpack. After doing so, look at what’s left.

Do you really need all of this stuff?

Ideally, by the time it comes to leaving you want to have gotten rid of most, if not all, of this extra stuff. Start taking action now by trimming your belongings down bit by bit.

Becoming Minimalist is a great blog where you can learn more about this subject.

2) Become More Frugal


Saving Money

Living frugally has a lot of benefits when aiming for location independence. Not only does it save you more money to give you more of a safety net when kicking off this lifestyle, but it also helps in other ways too.

For example, being frugal will help towards becoming more of a minimalist. You can start planning on cutting your phone bill and moving to sim only, or getting rid of your car, for instance. Or curbing spending habits.

Frugal living will help every step in your goal of becoming location independent, you’ll be more set up and ready to leave for when the time comes. What’s more, you’ll get some practice of living a more minimalist lifestyle.

3) Make A Plan




If you’re still in school you’re in a great position to start planning for your future. Think about the long term and do some research into what skills and qualities you need to build a location independent lifestyle.

I’ll go more in detail with examples and opportunities in the next step. You need to realize the privileged position you’re in here and take advantage of the educational system.

Making the right choices here will allow you to gain qualifications geared towards doing jobs that allow you to be location independent. This will help you massively.

On the other hand, even if you’re 10 years into your career, it’s not too late to start building towards your goal. Even if your career has no location independent prospects, there are still steps you can take.

The advantage in this instance is that you’ll often have savings you can invest in your future. What I’m getting at here is you can use that money to take courses and further educate yourself in fields that will allow you to build to your goal.

Start doing research on what new skills you should learn and how you can make money in different ways.

Here I have a list of online part time jobs that you can draw inspiration from. Alternatively, you can look to building an income from your hobby by reading here.

4) Gain/Develop Skills




The biggest limiting factor for most when it comes to becoming location independent is finding a job that caters to such a lifestyle.

If you don’t already have skills you can utilize to make money online then you need to start researching what kind of skills you need to pick up and develop.

Below is a list of popular choices for location independent jobs:

  • Freelancing
  • Teacher
  • Graphic design/video editing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Travel blogging
  • Photography
  • Software Development

It’s easy to see from this list what the recurring theme is here, all of these can be done remotely/online. They also lend themselves to a minimalist set up, often requiring no more than a laptop to get started.

Research anything on this list that tickles your fancy. You should also, be looking for your own inspiration.

If you’re in school you have the advantage of being able to gain recognized qualifications for free in a lot of these fields.

If you’re already deep into a completely different career you have the opportunity to invest in your future and pay for courses and educate yourself further.

There are great platforms for advancing your skills and gaining more knowledge such as Udemy. I personally turn to these platforms whenever I’m looking into something new.

5) Get A Grip Of Your Finances


No Money

The next important step on the road to location independence is getting your finances straight.

You should absolutely prioritize paying off any outstanding debts. You don’t want to leave on this new adventure with the burden of debts. Work towards clearing those before thinking of taking up this lifestyle.

This is a lifestyle of inconsistency and unreliability. You can’t always guarantee the WiFi to get your work done, it’s also difficult to keep your expenditure consistent.

For these reasons, it’s a great idea to have some savings as some kind of safety net for any of life’s unplanned mishaps. Give yourself a generous cushion.

This is where becoming minimalist and living frugally come to aid again. You can learn more about saving money from your salary here

6) Work On Building Your New Life




This step is more or less a culmination of all of the above steps.

Once you’ve made these adjustments and continue to minimize your own footprint and develop the skills needed to live a location independent lifestyle, it’s time to find applications for these skills.

There are lots of ways to start looking for work you can do with these skills. Below are some of the platforms often used by the location independent to find their work:

  • Upwork – this is a platform you can market yourself and your skills to sell a service.
  • Fiverr – another platform for selling your skills and services
  • FlexJobs – jobs board catered towards location independent jobs
  • WeWorkRemotely – jobs board catered towards location independent jobs
  • Working Nomads – jobs board catered towards location independent jobs

Feel free to use these for inspiration when looking for skills to learn to start building towards this lifestyle.

The final point in this step is to continue to live frugally and save money. Create that safety cushion of funds and savings to get the ball rolling and start traveling with freedom.

Once you’ve built your savings and find a job or build an income stream that allows for a location independent lifestyle, you’re ready to start planning your adventures!


I’ve been taking action on these steps and building towards a location independent lifestyle for some time now. I’ve done a good job from the start of becoming more minimalist and frugal.

It helps that I’m not a very materialistic person but below are some of my personal tips anyway:

  • Set up an automatic transaction to set money aside from your wages – every payday!
  • Start identifying non-essentials ASAP and work towards phasing them out of your life
  • Take up some cheaper hobbies
  • Dedicate more of your free time to learning something new
  • Invest in your long term goals
  • Commit yourself – buy that visa, pay for enrollment into that course. It’s these steps that will keep you motivated to stay on that path and succeed.

All in all, I hope you’ve found inspiration and useful information in this article, and can action these steps and start working towards your goals.

As always, if you did find this useful, please feel free to click the pin icon in the top right of the image below and spread the word. It’ll help me immensely! Be sure also to leave a comment below if you’ve been working on these steps, or if you have anything to add!

Thanks for reading

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