How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank

How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank

We’re all guilty of wasting a few hours away procrastinating sometimes. Whether you need to do the dishes or file your tax return, surely it can wait another few hours, right?

By far the most popular way of throwing these hours away at the moment is scrolling obsessively down our Instagram feeds. It’s sad to see, but it really is draining the life out of our generation, who these days can’t go a few hours without a quick browse.

However, where one person sees a place to kill time, another sees opportunity to capitalise on the billions of eyes that are glued to their Instagram feeds daily.

If you seek to become one of the few that takes the leap into realising the true earning potential that Instagram offers, you’re in the right place.

Here I’ll guide you, step-by-step, how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank

Can You Really Make Money On Instagram?

Without a doubt, we’re all aware of the numerous big-name influencers who’re making an absolute killing from the platform. They flood our feeds daily with photos of their fancy cars and big houses, on their expensive holidays.

Instagram Influencers

I’m sure when you heard that Kim Kardashian and other Instagram stars make thousands of dollars for a single post, your jaw dropped. You are not alone.

A lot of people have wanted to make money on Instagram because of so many celebrities and influencers raking it in on that platform. Sadly, Instagram fame and fortune is very elusive to most people. 

The fact is, Instagram is notoriously slow and monotonous when it comes to growing Instagram accounts. Not only that, there’s already an abundance of massive influencers in every niche who’ve been building their following for years.

It’s just not a feasible option anymore.

That’s why I’m here to offer you a different angle when it comes to making money from Instagram accounts. Specifically, how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank.

Yes, it’s possible to make money from Instagram, you just have to approach it from a different angle.

In this post, I’m going to let you in on a real working game plan that will help you turn your Instagram income dreams into reality, and pick up some internet marketing skills while you’re at it.

Here’s the twist: you can leverage not only your own, but other people’s Instagram followings into cash by using one of the most tried and proven affiliate marketing platforms on the Internet. Of course, this is where Clickbank comes in!

How To Make Money On Instagram With Clickbank

One eye-opening lesson I’ve learned during my foray into internet marketing is that, if a platform or medium has traffic, you’re able to monetise it somehow.

You just have to be willing to conduct the trial and error process and have some patience. You might need to get intuitive and sophisticated about it, but it can be done.

With that said, let’s learn more about how to start affiliate marketing with Instagram

You have to be clear on two key strategies

If you cannot wrap around these two strategies coming in, you seriously may aswell not even try. These strategies increase your chances of success by a whole lot.

Strategy #1. Build your business on existing demand

It takes time and money to build a market around a product that you are selling. Let me put it this way: Apple has billions of dollars in marketing campaign money and they can afford to build demand for the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad.

You don’t have that kind of budget so you have to focus on existing demand on Instagram. Finding demand is simpler than you think. Look for people who are promoting ClickBank products on Instagram.

Use hashtags to find these accounts. Just by typing in a hashtag for the niche or category of the ClickBank product that you’re thinking of selling, you can see the level of demand for that product.

Instagram Search

If the direct hashtag for that product or something related to it does not have plenty of content associated with it, it might be dead. This is what makes it tricky.

You have to think in terms of hashtags. Don’t assume that if you are promoting a certain product from ClickBank that people would use the product name as the hashtag.

That does happen from time to time, but most of the time, people talk about the problem that product solves.

For instance, one of the hottest products on ClickBank for several years involves teaching people how to get their ex-lovers back.

There are many hashtags associated with the concept of getting your lover back. It can be #gettingbacktogether or #renewedromance.

There are so many ways you can describe the concepts behind the product. Look for the matching or corresponding hashtags.

Based on the hashtags alone, you can see if there is a demand on Instagram or if people are interested in the concept that is related to your product.

Find specific product demand on ClickBank itself

Now that you’ve determined that there is a lot of demand for a certain concept pointing to a problem, look for solutions on ClickBank. Which of those solutions have the highest gravity score?

Gravity score is a good metric because it shows how hot the product is, and represents how many affiliates have made sales with this product in a set time period. The higher the gravity score, the higher the demand, and the easier it is (generally speaking) to sell.

To see the most popular products, go to the Clickbank marketplace and sort by gravity.

Clickbank Sort Gravity

Here you’ll see the most popular products that are easiest to sell.

A good ballpark figure for gravity score is somewhere between 20 and 100. Too low, and people just aren’t interested in the product. Too high, and you’ll be competing with people that have been making sales with this product for months.

Clickbank Gravity

You have to do your research to make sure that there is a high enough level of existing demand for whatever ClickBank products or range of products you are thinking of selling through your Instagram profile.

Strategy #2. Do not start from scratch. Reverse engineer your competition and let them do your work for you.

I’ve heard it a million times. In business, you have to be the first mover otherwise you are dead in the water. Really? How’s Myspace doing? How much money is Friendster making today? What happened to AltaVista? Surely, PalmPilot is a world leader in mobile computing?

Do these brands sound familiar? If they don’t, I don’t blame you. These brands were overtaken and destroyed by Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Being a latecomer you can study the failed solutions of those who came before you. You can also pay close attention to how they are providing for people’s needs.

Put simply, you can study, identify, and build on their strengths while learning from their mistakes. Better yet, you can look at their shortcomings and see if you can do better.

This is why it’s important to find your competitors on Instagram by using hashtags. Based on hashtag popularity, you can find out if there is enough demand.

If there is, look for these accounts. Find people promoting ClickBank products or promoting a lifestyle that fits a range of ClickBank products.

Once you have a list of potential competitors, study their Instagram pages and figure out their model. Click on the link in their bio page. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Where does it lead to?
  • Is it a redirect link to ClickBank?
  • What products are they selling?
  • How are they marketing? (blog, PPC, email swipes)
  • Is it working for them?

Reverse engineer your direct competitors

At this point, there are so many ways you could go. You can copy their direct model. For example, if they are directly promoting a product in their bio link, do the same.

All the photos in your Instagram account must have something to do with the product you’re pushing. This also means copying the hashtags they are using.

Pay close attention to their photo descriptions and the typical hashtags they use. Maybe they are rotating among different hashtags. Finally, study their call to action and see if you can copy and improve it.

What’s important is you come up with content that is superior to what they have. You also have to position it in the right way so people would want to click on your bio.

It’s important to deliver something better

I cannot emphasize this enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting through short video clips or photos. When people look at your content, you have to give them a reason to follow you.

People will not have a good reason to do so if you are just blindly copying your competitors.

Why should they bother with you if you are offering the same stuff? They could very well just follow the people you are copying.

After all, those accounts are older and more established. You have to bring something new to the table. There has to be some added value for people to follow you.

While it’s true you have to reverse engineer your competitors’ content in terms of theme, type, and quality level, your stuff still has to be unique, original, and preferably, superior.

You can do this by paying close attention to your competitors’ followers.

How to come up with better Instagram content

How do you come up with better-quality content? Well, you can take shots in the dark and just blindly copy your competitors and see which posts get a lot more engagement.

Once you determine the kinds of posts that engage a lot of people, create more of that type of content.

I’ve done this before and it works. But it takes a lot of time. Also, there is no indication as to which piece of content will gain traction, if any.

The better approach which I learned after some trial and error is to study your competitors’ content and pay attention to the comments.

Instagram followers drop a lot of clues as to what kind of content they want. If you can piece together a composite or a profile of the content type that people demand, produce that material.

See which ones get a lot of likes and then improve on that. Before you know it, your account can get big because you are delivering something that people have been asking for which, for whatever reason, your competitors cannot do.

As a newbie, you have to be flexible and in tune with what your target audience wants. You’re the one with something to prove and trying to build a new brand.

Reverse engineer your competitors’ messaging

It’s not enough to reverse engineer their content but you also have to pay attention to how they market such content. What should you focus on? First, look at how they set up their stories. Do they even use stories?

Next, pay attention to how your competitors describe their content. A large part of the personality of an Instagram account boils down to descriptions.

There are many beautiful photos on Instagram, many of which don’t even use filters. But guess what, they are a dime a dozen.

Instagram Photos

Most heavy users of Instagram don’t look twice at high-quality photos. They do assume that quality is going to be high. You have to set yourself apart from the competition in a different way.

This is where descriptions come in. Descriptions enable you to let your personality stand out. Use this opportunity. Don’t just go through the motions and crank out one to three-word descriptions that are flat, generic, dull, and lifeless. That’s not going to cut it.

Something that sells incredibly well on Instagram, it’s personality.

Once you’ve identified the persona you want to present, make sure every piece of content in your account uses descriptions that reflect this persona. This is a form of branding stronger than logos and banners.

Pay attention to how they sell products on Instagram

Next, pay attention to how your competitors call their followers to action. How do they get people to send them a DM or go to their bio page? How do they get them to check out their stories?

If you study their calls to action, you will notice a pattern. Copy this pattern, experiment with it, and see if you can get decent results. Mix it up a little bit to see if you can get a better click-through.

How to make money on instagram with clickbank

Another area that you need to reverse engineer is the biography page. This is the personal profile or bio page. This part is where the magic happens.

Instagram is very stingy with traffic. They don’t let you post links on your regular posts. You can only put links in your bio or your stories. More on stories later.

Bios are very important. You can’t just go through the motions of filling out a form to crank out a bio. The majority of the time, people are not going to feel compelled to click on your homepage link on your bio page.

Study your competitors’ bio pages. What tricks or calls to action are they using to get people to read their bio page, and once there, click on their webpage link.

Pay attention to their Instagram Highlights

Finally, look at the highlights of your competitors. What kind of highlight themes do they have? How do they label their highlights? What kind of stories do they link through in their highlights?

It’s important to make full use of the highlight system on Instagram because, as I’ve said, you only have two places you could link: your static bio page and your stories which can only last 24 hours.

Highlights give you a way to get around the 24-hour timeframe of stories. You can collect a series of stories, group them, and then link to them through your highlights.

Some Instagram accounts have a mini webinar made up of many different stories.

These no longer appear on their regular feed but when people check out their bio they can see the highlights of those stories. And when they click the highlights, they are taken to the stories.

Study how your competitors do this because you can learn a trick or two from them. Remember that Instagram is very stingy when it comes to traffic. If given a choice, Instagram would give as little traffic back to their users as possible.

With that said, Instagram continues to grow and it has hundreds of millions of people actively using it daily. There is a lot of traffic on Instagram.

You just have to play within the rules to get your slice of that traffic pie. It is very challenging to get traffic from Instagram. It is almost impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing.

How Hard Is It To Get Traffic From Instagram?

First of all, you cannot link directly in your post. Even if you were to put a domain name, it will be unclickable. What will happen is you have to call people to action to load the domain onto their browsers.

Instagram Description

In theory, this may seem a good idea. In practical terms, however, it yields little traffic. Why? People have short attention spans.

So if somebody sees your nice picture and gets excited about the product you are pushing, they might be interested enough to take note of the domain name. As they click on another picture or check out a video, they forget about the domain name.

Which brings me to a key point: each additional step that your followers have to go through to get to your website decreases your chances of traffic. These extra steps zap people’s attention spans.

Even if you have a popular Instagram account, if your call to action is to type in domain names or click through, that is not going to cut it. It’s not going to happen.

Sure, you will get a few sales here and there but it wouldn’t be worth the effort. The hassle is too much.

Optimize your account for maximum click-through

By making sure your content matches the quality requirements of your target audience, it will be easy for them to see the value of your account. They can see what you stand for and have to offer.

When you optimize your messaging, images, and everything else, you start developing a brand in your niche.

If you’re serious about how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank, this is the kind of work you need to be willing to put in.

This is a crucial step for building up your followers quickly because you’ve optimized your account by reverse engineering your competitors.

You also increase your chances of making money with ClickBank products because you have done your homework.

The key is to fine-tune your account so that the value you bring to the table is easy to spot and people can make an instant decision whether to follow you or not.

Buy Shoutouts Through ShoutCart To Build A Following

Assuming that you have optimized your account with the right content and messaging, the next step is to get as much traffic to your content as possible.

As I mentioned earlier, growing organically on Instagram is a long, monotonous process.

This is where shoutouts come into play. You can pay pages with larger audiences a fee in order to promote your page or product.

Not only will this see you earning with affiliate marketing through Instagram sooner, but you don’t even need to own a page for this.

In most cases, you can pay the page owner to promote your affiliate link directly to the product sales page, meaning you really don’t even need to get your own page off the ground.

Shoutcart to Buy instagram shoutouts

ShoutCart is a platform that matches influencers with people looking to buy sponsored posts.

ShoutCart lists Instagram influencers by category and through keyword search terms. They offer a sortable list of influencers with their current follower number.

ShoutCart hides the identities of influencers to protect them against spam and competitor sabotage.

Look for influencers that are in your target niche. This is important. Put together a shoutout that is encapsulated in your image or video. All the influencer needs to do is to upload the image or video to their account.

Browsing Shoutcart to buy instagram shoutouts

If you call people to action the right way or your image summarizes the value of following your account, you can get many new followers from that shoutout.

Another way you can market through ShoutCart is to just post videos or images of the product that you’re selling. When influencers post these materials you’ve paid for, some of their followers might click through to go to your bio and buy the product directly.

Play the Long Game

While it’s great to get a sale for your ClickBank product, you are better off getting followers you can message repeatedly.

What kind of messages would these be? You have to put together a mailing list or newsletter.

These messages can also be in the form of freebies or discount codes or additional content that supplements or enhances the main product you’re selling.

This is how you play the long game when you’re selling ClickBank products on Instagram. Getting a sale here and there is a good thing but you’re playing the game to lose if the sales are one-time deals.

If you’re learning how to make on Instagram with Clickbank as a means to make a real passive income, you’re going to want to pay attention here.

Now, imagine building a large mailing list from Instagram and getting people to receive your email. Just by playing the percentage thing, your email can be worth serious money if you send enough updates over an extended period.

It’s definitely going to be more valuable than the few random sales of ClickBank products because you can sell different related ClickBank products or upsell them to higher-value products.

You can even get people to sign up for a course or buy an ebook. The possibilities are endless. And the best part is that your mailing list is an asset that grows in value over time. That’s how you play the long game.

Using ShoutCart is a crucial part of building a following, but ultimately, you have to get people to follow you and sign up for your mailing list. That’s how you play to win.

How Not to Waste Money On Instagram Shoutouts at ShoutCart

ShoutCart is an exchange platform. It connects buyers at ShoutCart, such as yourself, with established influencers who have varying numbers of followers. It is a marketplace.

And just like with any platform, not getting the results you want from ShoutCart is likely due to something you’ve done (unless you got scammed by a fraudulent Instagram account).

I know that’s hard to hear. That is why I want to step you through the process of selecting the right Instagram influencers so you don’t feel burned at the end of your marketing campaign.

If you’re looking to buy Instagram shoutouts to make affiliate sales on Instragram, follow the guide below.

Step #1. Filter influencers based on niche

If you are selling a ClickBank product in a certain niche, make sure that you are considering influencers that target that niche.

It doesn’t make sense for you to buy a shoutout promoting a ClickBank health product to people who are interested in cars. You are not going to get many buyers or clickers if you did that.

There has to be a close connection between the existing theme or niche of the influencer you are buying shoutouts from and your Instagram account’s theme or the products you are pushing.

Step #2. Be on the lookout for possibly shady sellers

ShoutCart is a legit company but scammers can get through filters just like in Amazon or eBay. There will always be dodgy people.

These are people looking for quick money. They inflate their Instagram follower count and pull off all sorts of shenanigans. When you buy shoutouts from these scammers, they use fake clicks using software.

So, how can you tell if you should not buy shoutouts from an influencer? Compare their follower count with the volume of engagement on their posts.

For instance, if an account has 1M followers but their posts only get a few dozen likes and random comments every once in a while, something is seriously wrong with that account. Why would 1M people follow this account but barely engage with its content?

Either the followers are fake or the content just sucks and people don’t even bother with it. Neither situation is good. Avoid those accounts like the plague. Turn around and run for the hills.

To easily check any accounts engagement rate, use a free tool like Tanke. Here you can just input the account name and hit analyse. Easy peasy.

Instagram engagement rates

There has to be a decent correlation between an account’s number of followers and the volume of engagement the account’s content receives.

To give you a little help doing your due diligence, Shoutcart has a metric known as ‘Shoutcart Score’.

This is an algorithm that Shoutcart uses to rate the authenticity of an influencers engagement. Further heping buyers choose a good fit for them.

Shoutcart Score

Step #3. Mind your budget

It’s easy to get excited about an influencer account that has 4M followers. The problem is you’re going to burn your budget very quickly.

In many cases, it is better to look for an account that has fewer but more engaged followers and is cheaper. Why? You can buy several shoutouts from that account without burning through your pocket.

Given how engaged and passionate the account’s followers are, they are more likely to look at your content, and if they like what they see, they can follow you, check out your bio or your blog. They can also join your mailing list.

Whatever the case may be, you have a higher chance of making money through ClickBank if you get more eyeballs. But it all boils down to engagement levels.

Don’t be too drawn in by follower numbers either. Your best bet is finding someone as relevant to your niche and product as possible. Their more highly targeted audience will prove far more converting.

Step #4. Optimize your campaigns

This is the fun part. After you have spent, let’s say, the first 200 dollars on an Instagram shoutout campaign, now is the time to look at the results.

You may notice that a large chunk of the shoutout that you bought didn’t produce much results.

But at least one would have performed if you bought enough.

What you need to do at this point is to look at the winners and buy more shoutouts from those that produce actual results. You have identified a pool of followers who might want to be your fans as well.

Focus on building on your successes and cut out failed campaigns. You will have the profile of the type of influencer that produces results for you. Figuring out how to make money from Instagram with Clickbank is a learning process.

This can lower the cost of your shoutouts dramatically because now you are no longer taking shots in the dark. You now have a good idea of the influencer profile who will be able to give you results.

The Final Word On How To Make Money On Instagram Using Clickbank

To make money on Instagram using ShoutCarts shoutouts, you have to have a solid strategy and game plan coming in. Build on existing demand, reverse engineer your way to the top, and build on your successes.

That being said, it’s free to create an Instagram account, it’s free to create a Clickbank account, and it’s free to create a Shoutcart account.

There’s really no excuse not to get started and give it a go, putting this guide into practice.

Now’s the time to stop procrastinating and become one of the few that extracts value from time spent on Instagram. You can go here to get started with your free Shoutcart account and take a look at what’s on offer.

Do not be afraid to invest in your business and reinvest your profits. Pretty soon you will have a sustainable asset in the form of a converting Instagram account and possibly even a mailing list.  

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