Is Fiverr Legit

Is Fiverr Legit?: The Buyers Guide and Fiverr Review

The ever-changing pace that the world moves at only ever seems to be going in one direction – is it just me, or does time seem to fly by quicker every day?

We now live in a world where consumers are accustomed to instant downloads, blazing fast web speeds, next day delivery – even same day delivery sometimes!

We really are spoilt. It doesn’t seem a few years ago I was sat listening to the computer beep and squeak as the dial-up connected. God forbid the internet goes off when the landline rings these days!

These increasing consumer demands result in high pressure being put on those working to make things happen. Working days get longer, free time gets shorter, and still, things can’t be done quick enough! Somethings got to give…

In steps Fiverr. However, the question stands, is Fiverr legit?


Sites like Fiverr are a blessing for individuals and small businesses that already find themselves stretched for time and their workforce spread thin.

Fiverr, and other outsourcing websites, are frequently used to outsource tasks that individuals and small companies either don’t have the time or the skillsets to complete.

But does it all just seem a bit sketchy? Let’s take a look in this Fiverr review

Is Fiverr Safe To Use?

I remember when I first heard about Fiverr.

It seemed too good to be true.

Particularly for those into internet marketing like myself, with a multitude of SEO and content creation services on offer.

engaging, natively written blog posts for a fiver?

SEO audits and outreach services for the price of a cheap burger meal?

At first, my gut reaction was “There’s something a bit dodgy about this, surely?”

The bottom line is, you’re right to be skeptical at some of the services offered for a measly five dollars, but using this Fiverr tutorial and using a bit of common sense, you can weed out the scammers and time-wasters and uncover some real hidden gems!

I’ve taken time to experiment with the various offerings, and in this Fiverr tutorial, I’m going to guide you on how to avoid scams on Fiverr, and show you the best Fiverr gigs to ensure you have a smooth buying experience.

If you’re looking to get a simple graphics design or content creation or online marketing support job done, Fiverr can be your best bet, sometimes. It’s hard to argue with five dollars, after all.

Is Fiverr Legit?: The Ultimate Buyers Guide

This platform started as a place where people looking to outsource certain types of work connected with those who provided such services for five US dollars.

Over the years, Fiverr has changed quite a bit. Service providers or “gig” sellers are no longer required to offer their services for five dollars. They can price their service for more than a hundred dollars if they so wish.

What’s more, the system has evolved. Now it is easy to filter service providers based on price, number of positive reviews, and other indicators of quality.

The system has become more sophisticated, but have the sellers? Is Fiverr a legit place to outsource business tasks?

How to Get Started on Fiverr

As a buyer, you only have to fill out a few fields in their account creation form. Nothing more than an email and password, actually. It’s a very easy platform to use

Once you’ve joined as a buyer, you can quickly search for services in one of two ways: use Fiverr’s category system or cut straight to the chase by using the search box on the upper left side.

The downside of doing a direct search is you might not know the proper terms associated with the service you are looking for.

For example, you may be in the market for logo design but if you are not careful with your search terms, the only services you may pull up at first may involve banners or blog headers.

Searching Fiverr By Category

When you hover your cursor over the nine service categories, your screen will change to show sub-categories within that service area.

The nine major categories are Graphics and Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Business, Lifestyle, and Industries.

When you click on or hover your cursor on any of these industries, you would see subsections that lay out the different sub-areas of services that fall within those major groupings.

Is fiverr legit? Fiverr categories

For example, within Digital Marketing, you will have choices such as Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, SEO, Local SEO, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations so on and so forth.

How to Find the Best Fiverr Gigs

Let’s get one thing clear: Fiverr can be a fun, time-wasting experience if you don’t know what you’re doing. Sounds strange, but there’s no other way I can describe it.

You can start with one category and then go to a sub-category and get exposed to a wide range of services that many seemingly talented people offer. You might even get tempted to check out one offer after another. That’s the inner Instagram scroller coming out!

Their service descriptions and work samples make for an interesting experience. It’s obvious that many of these people are skilled and talented. The problem is you may be just jumping from one rabbit hole into the next.

If you don’t want to waste your time on Fiverr and end up retraining somebody who doesn’t have the full skill sets that your project requires, you have to be very critical when checking out gig descriptions.

You have to ask yourself if the person has the skills you are looking for. Samples may look good but they may be outside of the specialized area that your project needs.

The seller might offer a great description of their service and you might get sold on what they’re talking about.

You get the sense that they’re competent at what they do. The problem is they may be the wrong person for the specific job that you need to get done.

Break Down Your Project Before You Look for A Fiverr Gig Seller

Do yourself a big favour by taking a look at your project. Pay close attention to your objective. This is how you can identify the kind of work you need a freelancer to do.

Many people looking for sales copy for their landing pages go to Fiverr and look for article writers. They think that once they’ve seen one writer, they’ve seen them all.

If a writer can crank out a blog post, surely, they can knock out a sales page that can convince the reader to buy something.

What’s wrong with this logic? A blog post is very different to a sales pitch.

These are completely different ball games. They’re definitely very different from a sales page.

If you go on Fiverr and the only word that you can come up with to describe the landing page writer you’re looking for is “writer” or “blogger”, you’re going to have a tough time.

Do understand that people who advertise their services on Fiverr would love to have your business. They’ll give anything a crack if you let them. Don’t rely on Fiverr sellers to tell you they’re not a fit for you.

This applies across the board, not just content. You can be looking for graphics or video content or you might be in the market for audio editing.

Whatever service you’re looking for, start with determining the outcome or result you desire.

Once you’ve identified this, walk it back from that point. What form does your desired outcome take? Can you tell if it’s exactly what you’re looking for? How long should you wait? What other parts of your project need this and how far along are they in terms of completion?

You Are Less Likely to Get Scammed on Fiverr If You Are Clear About What You Want

Let me fill you in on one of the biggest causes of disappointment on Fiverr. It’s not the gig seller who ends up disappointing the client, believe it or not.

Usually, it’s the person looking to outsource work who is at fault for their disappointment because they are unclear about what they want.

It’s like they are asking somebody to read their mind. That’s not exactly a formula for a successful project.

It’s important to start the process with enough information so you can successfully filter for people who have the skillset to deliver what you need. Here is a quick checklist for Fiverr outsourcing success:

Successful Fiverr Outsourcing

Tip #1. Make sure you’re clear on the type of work you need doing

As I’ve mentioned above, this all boils down to outcome. The kind of result you’re looking for is going to determine the specific type of project you have.

Before questioning “is Fiverr legit”, you need to confirm the legitimacy of your own goals and desired outcomes!

Tip #2. Make sure your specifications are clear

It’s crucial that your project specifications leave little to nothing to the imagination of the freelancer. There should be no surprises.

For instance, if you are looking for a banner designer for an advertisement on your website, start the process by having a clear idea of what these banners should look like.

You should have at least samples of existing banners. Ask yourself questions about your own project:

  • Are you going for animated or static banners?
  • What colour scheme do you prefer?
  • Do you have the text?
  • What would fit the company branding?
  • How can they make it relevant to your target audience?

You have to have all the details ready. Do not assume that the contractor you are hiring is such a genius that they will be able to read your mind.

Tip #3. Don’t be afraid to pay what the job is worth

This is important. Ever since Fiverr upgraded their platform, it’s become clear who are the top-notch professionals and who are the service providers doing work on outsourcing websites as a side hustle.

If you’re looking for heavy-duty work such as website development or application coding, you might want to check the Fiverr Pro section.

Fiverr pro

These specialists start at 100 dollars or more. In fact, there are coders and programmers in this section who charge a minimum of 1,000 dollars per job.

Note: You should only go to Fiverr Pro if you are very clear as to what you want and you expect the best service and are willing to pay for it.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can use the regular version of Fiverr and filter sellers that are more likely to deliver the kind of outcome you are looking for.

Tip #4. Filter service providers based on specialization

Filter by using either the category search or the search box. Either way, when you find a sub-section, look to the middle of the page where it shows you options. You will be presented with several drop-down menus that you can use to filter your search.

For example, in Logo Design, you can click on logo options and you will produce a drop-down menu enabling you to choose among logo styles, file formats, and included services.

Is fiverr legit? Fiverr options

Once you’ve selected and clicked “Apply”, the number of results shrinks. You can then go to seller details and filter the results further.

To avoid getting scammed or putting yourself in a disappointing situation, select only sellers that are either top-rated or over level 1. Then set your budget and delivery time.

One Key Point to Remember About Fiverr Services

Just like with any kind of outsourcing, you must understand that buying services boils down to three selection factors: quality, speed, and affordability.

Put it another way, it boils down to whether something is cheap, fast, or good. The problem with Fiverr and pretty much with any freelancing exchange marketplace is you can only pick two.

For instance, you can buy something cheap and good but chances are it’s going to take a long time to hear from the contractor.

On the other hand, you can buy something that is delivered quickly and cheaply but the product quality is probably going to leave a lot to be desired.

Do you see how it works? Keep this in mind when you’re looking for services on Fiverr. A lot of newbie outsourcers suffer from this fantasy that they can buy a service that is cheap, fast, and good on Fiverr.

Remember what your parents taught you: If it seems too good too be true, it probably is!

I don’t know how to break this to you but that’s like looking for a five-dollar Ferrari. Maybe, every once in a blue moon, that kind of deal appears.

But you are not likely to be the person to get that deal. Be realistic about the parameters that you are working with.

How To Avoid Fiverr Scams

What follows is a short list of red flags that you should be on the lookout for. Otherwise, you might get ripped off by low-quality service providers.

Fiverr takes good care of its customers. You don’t have to worry about being out of money on Fiverr.

Usually, the platform will take your side unless you really screw things up and it becomes obvious to the customer support officer helping you that you are ripping off the contractor.

Outside of that, Fiverr is usually fair, if not in favour, to buyers on their platform.

As you can see from Trustpilot, Fiverr tends to side with buyers a lot.

Trsutpilot Fiverr

With that said, you don’t want to put yourself in that position to begin with. Do you really have the time to waste on bouncing emails back and forth with Fiverr customer support?

Do you want to hold up your project because you got scammed by a low-quality service provider? The following tips will save you a lot of time and spare you unnecessary drama.

Given that you’re looking to outsource in the first place, I doubt you have that kind of time to waste!

Tip #1. Avoid “canned” digital offers

These are services where you buy Private Label Rights (PLR) content from a seller. They will tell you that you can make changes to the ebooks, articles, or other digital content they sell you.

You only need to change the name on the material so you can use the content to build up your mailing list, send it to your newsletter members, or even publish under your name.

The problem with many of the PLR sellers on Fiverr boils down to legality. Who knows who the real owners of these PLR products are?

Understand that some PLR distributors sell Master Resell Rights (MRR). This means that people can buy the right to distribute PLR content from people who buy MRR rights.

It’s easy for things to get out of hand. Whatever content is being sold under that license quickly saturates the internet.

If you don’t believe me, just search for free PLR and you’ll get all sorts of search results claiming to give you thousands and thousands of free articles and books with just one click.

A lot of these get recycled on Fiverr. At best, you bought something that you could have downloaded for free.

At worst, you may be a party to a crime because the person selling you the digital content package doesn’t have the legal right to distribute those materials.

Steer clear of PLR or canned content offers on Fiverr.

Tip #2. Don’t buy traffic from Fiverr

To be fair, the traffic section on Fiverr is very tempting. I just did a quick search now for traffic and I pulled up the following offers:

I will drive organic Google traffic to your site; Three hundred thousand targeted visitors to your site; Safe and organic USA-only traffic. I can go on and on with these offers.

There are tons of these services on Fiverr. Here is the problem: if their traffic is legit and truly comes from the USA and is as advertised, why aren’t they using that traffic for their websites?

Surely, they could be making more money converting ClickBank or CJ or any other affiliate offer with such top-tier traffic.

Another fact you have to keep in mind about traffic offers on Fiverr is that a lot of them are fake. They are fake on one of two levels.

First, they could be redirects of legit traffic.

These are people who are typing a domain name to go to a particular website but since the traffic seller bought the domain, the people were redirected to your site using software.

The person on the other end is real but the traffic is useless because they don’t want to be on your site. They don’t want to buy something from you.

On another level, the traffic may be just flat out fake. By using proxies, one computer can look like thousands of different users from different parts of the world.

The bottom line is buying traffic from Fiverr is a no-go, unless you just like staring at the analytics.

Tip #3. Don’t get taken in by fake reviews on Fiverr

This is probably the biggest reason people have to question “Is Fiverr legit?”

I’ve already outlined some of the more scammy portions of Fiverr. If you are tempted to order such services, please do yourself a favour and look at the reviews.

If it seems like they are generated by software or they talk about stuff that is unrelated to the service, run away.

Seriously, turn around and run as fast as you can because you’re looking at a fake service out to rip you off.

Are Fiverr Reviews Fake?

Some are, Yes, Fiverr is rife with fake reviews. To prove that to you, just look at this screenshot from a popular forum.

Fake fiverr reviews

Be extra vigilante assessing the legitimacy of the reviews when you’re vetting a Fiverr service provider. Not all are fake, there’s definitely quality services being provided, but there’s also a lot of crap!

You may be thinking how can they rip you off when Fiverr’s got your back. That’s true but the problem is they can refund you and anybody else who got scammed every time and still make money.

How? For every 10 people who buy shady, low-quality, or worthless services from Fiverr, only five at most will complain. What happened to the other five? Well, they are too busy to complain so they let it slide.

That’s how scammers make money. They are still around because they know that a certain percentage of people are not going to stand up and make a fuss. They are just going to take it in the chin so these scammers stay in business.

Be on the lookout for fake reviews. Assume that they exist and be ready for them.

Tip #4 Do Not Buy Shady Reviews or other Possibly Fraudulent Services from Fiverr

This type of service was really hot on Fiverr but it was also fraudulent because many of the hot-selling Amazon Kindle books as well as physical goods sold by Amazon sellers were fueled by fake reviews.

Fiverr banned such services but there are still offers that cut it close. Look at the video testimonials. Do you think it’s ethical to hire somebody to record themselves praising your product when they haven’t even seen it, much less touch it or use it?

There are many grey areas on Fiverr and here’s how it will blow up in your face:

let’s say you hired a Fiverr video reviewer to give a video testimonial about your product. The person looks convincing and tells a believable story about your product. Everything seems legit.

You put the video on your site along with your product. Soon enough, you start getting reviews. Why? It turns out your video reviewer also reviewed your competitors’ products and many other products that people have seen.

You have to remember that many video spokespeople become memes. Maybe they have a weird accent or they have a funny look to them.

Whatever the case may be, somebody would post about them on Reddit and all hell would break loose because people have become familiar with these video reviewers.

This could potentially come back to bite your brand if you’re not careful.

How To Find The Best Fiverr Gigs

What follows is my quick and effective guide to finding the best gigs on Fiverr:

Tip #1. Make sure you are prepared

Please read the preparation section above regarding your specifications and the outcomes you are looking for.

I’m mentioning it again because I can’t stress the importance of it enough. Don’t fail yourself before you even start.

Tip #2. Look for and prioritize top-rated sellers for the specific gig you are looking for

This is important because somebody might be a top-rated seller for writing certain types of blog posts but what you are looking for is a sales page writer.

When you pull up this person’s offer, it shows that they are top-rated sellers and this gives you the impression that they got that rating because of their sales page writing skills.

This is wrong.

Make sure you are clear as to what they are top-rated for and only hire them if their top rating relates to the kind of work you want to outsource.

Tip #3. Look for specific reviews of the actual finished work

When I need graphics work done, I look for specific graphics that a prospective contractor delivered to their clients.

I’m not going to take their word for it. I’m not going to get taken in by how they say competent they are or how many years of experience they claim to have.

Look at their actual work. Does their delivered active portfolio fit the quality requirements of your project?

Tip #4. Always message the freelancer first

Lay your cards on the table for everybody to see. Send your specs to the prospective contractors and ask them if they can handle the specs.

Ask them as well to guarantee a refund if they cannot deliver on the project. This way you don’t waste anybody’s time.

You are also more likely to hear back from serious gig sellers. These are people who are not out to burn you. They don’t do a sloppy job and hope you forget about it.

By making clear that you want some level of protection, you are likely to attract people who are going to commit to delivering the kind of result you want.

Tip #5. Do not hesitate to pay what the job is worth

This is the deal-breaker for many people who want to outsource work to Fiverr or other outsourcing websites. They believe they can buy a five-dollar Ferrari on that platform.

Sorry, but that is not going to happen. If you want high-quality work, be prepared to pay for it. Don’t get scared to shell out money for a good service.

Ask yourself if you would sell your skills for that price.

I’m not saying you should overpay or you should pay the same rates as top providers on Upwork, the Fiverr Pro program, or other sites like Fiverr.

But you should step up to the fact that you are investing in your project by hiring the best professional you can afford.

The worst thing you can do is invest all your time, effort, and focus on your project only to see it fall apart because its parts are shabby and cheap.

That is the kind of situation you will find yourself in if you refuse to invest in the right kind of resources for your project.

Is Fiverr Legit?: The Final Word and Fiverr Review

In short, yes there are scammers on Fiverr, and some sellers are pumped full of fake reviews.

However, is Fiverr legit?

Yes, there’s definitely legitimate skill and talent to be found on Fiverr, making it a great platform to outsource various tasks. That is, if you know what you’re looking for. If you’ve followed closely, you shouldn’t have a problem here.

Fiverr is a great place for digital entrepreneurs and internet marketers for a wide range of services.

Whether you are looking for graphics, writing, or specialized types of marketing such as SEO, Fiverr is a good option for you if you know what to look for and you are willing to commit to the search process, and part with the right amount of cash.

Please pay close attention to the tips and tricks as well as the warning signs I’ve described in this article. They are sure to save you a tremendous amount of time and energy as well as spare you the unnecessary drama.

Happy outsourcing!

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