Bored Working From Home

Bored Working From Home?: 10 Tips To Keep Motivated


Until recently, working from home was a luxury that only the lucky few could enjoy, and many more could only dream about. Now masses find themselves bored working from home and on the brink of going insane.

Fast forward to June of this year, and the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, and only 26% of US workers are working at their business location. You can read more here.

While this may suit some people, for others it’s been mentally testing. Working from home doesn’t come without its challenges, and it’s not all pyjamas-all-day and conference calls from bed.

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Maybe you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever? Or maybe you just miss the office banter and regular gossip sessions. For some people, the office and their colleagues are a big part of their social life.

So what can you do to stay sane while working from home?


1) Get Started Early


Woman Stretching


My first tip to fight the boredom when working from home is to get your day started early.

In fact, the best thing you can do is follow the exact morning routine that you perform before heading to the office. That includes everything from setting the same alarms, having a quick morning wash (or the 3 S’s fellas), making coffee, eating breakfast, dressing nicely.

Just don’t do the commuting bit!

This will be sure to get you into the right frame of mind. You’re tricking your body and mind into getting ready for a working day. You’ll find yourself a lot more productive by following a strict morning routine instead of snoozing the alarm and having that extra 20 mins!

2) Make Your Bed Every Morning


Making Bed


This might sound a strange one, but I find it actually works!

The madness behind the method is that if you complete this small task every morning, that’s your first win, or accomplishment, of the day. This in turn subconsciously makes you more productive and spurs you on to complete the next task, and then the next, and so on.

In your mind, you keep telling yourself you’re having a productive day, and you find each little task becomes easier.

This resonates a lot with me because I find that completing 10 of these small tasks in a day is not much more difficult than just getting the first out of the way.

For example, if I go to the gym straight after work, I’ll then find it easy to jump straight in the shower, and then prep meals, and so on. In contrast, if I go home and lie on the sofa for an hour, it’ll be hard work picking myself up again to go to the gym, I’ll then put off showering and leave meal prep to the last minute or forget it altogether.

I encourage you to watch this video and listen to this Navy Seal Admiral explain why it’s important to make your bed.

3) Plan Your Day




Much like your boss will set you targets and objectives to achieve at work, you should plan your day ahead of time.

There’s no intricate method to this one. Planning your day will help you optimise your time for greater productivity. You’ll find yourself more organised and completing tasks more efficiently and effectively.

You’ll feel a sense of achievement when you hit your daily goals and that’ll keep you motivated. This also means you can set realistic targets and get done on time.

No rushing around late into the night to get things done because you didn’t plan efficiently. This will only add to your stress levels and make working from home more difficult.

What’s more, it’ll keep you accountable for your productivity levels.

4) Listen To Music


Listening To Music


This doesn’t need explaining too much I feel, and I expect most people do it anyway.

There’s a reason almost everyone you see commuting or walking down the street has earphones in. The same can be said for a lot of people in the office also.

Music is a known stress reliever and motivator. I’m no scientist, but I believe listening to music releases endorphins in the brain which reduces stress and anxiety.. or something like that.

The right music can also help you keep calm and focused, and concentrated on your work.

You’ll be fighting the bored working at home feeling and enjoying yourself more at the same time.

5) Always Get Dressed


Getting Dressed


This might sound like another strange one to some but bare with me.

This ties in with my point about getting started early and setting yourself up to have a productive day.

Much like sticking to your morning routine, dressing appropriately will kinda work to trick your body and mind into feeling like it’s in a formal work setting. This will therefore make you feel ready to work and conquer your targets for the day!

In addition, I just find that mooching around in pyjamas or underwear all day gives your brain licence to have a lazy day. Like it knows you’re dressed for chill and leisure rather than being productive.

In a way, it’s a reiteration of completing the small tasks in order to keep going and get the next ones done.

6) Get Active On Your Breaks




It’s no secret that exercise and activity boost productivity and mental well-being. Not only that, it gives you a little sense of pride and achievement and fires you up to do more.

What’s more, it’s always good to look after yourself and your physical fitness. Keeping physically fit will only help your mental health too and help to reduce stress.

You can use this time to have some form of interaction with other humans, you can go for a walk and get some fresh air. It’s important to fight off cabin fever and get out of the house that now feels like an office. Nothing better to fight off the bored working from home feeling.

Taking up something like yoga during your break times can be a great way to break up your day and escape the stresses of working for a while. Yoga will also work to reduce your all-round stress levels and keep you feeling calm.

7) Make Plans For After Work


Leisure Time


The idea here is nothing fancier than just giving yourself something to look forward to after work.

Knowing you’ve got something to enjoy after work acts as a little incentive and helps motivate you to keep going and get things done on time.

It works well also in a sense that it gets your mind off work for a while. Make plans to get out of the house and catch up with friends, this is evermore important now that your home is your office.

It’s easy to start feeling bogged down and trapped when working from home. Almost feels as if you never leave work.

It’s a good idea then to get out for a while and tend to your hobbies and catch up with friends.

8) Look After Your Posture


Bad Posture


You might overlook the effects of bad posture due to the nature of its negative effects being more long-term problems.

It may feel like this isn’t so important because after all, you’re sitting more comfortably than you do at work and you’re not in any pain.

It may seem like no harm done on the surface.

However, along with the world of back problems you could be heading for, bad posture can negatively affect your productivity.

For example, slouching not only makes it more difficult and less ergonomic to type. You’re actually promoting a sense of laziness in your body which will slow you down and in turn demotivate you to get things done.

If you’re feeling demoralized or bored working from home, this could be your problem without even realising.

It’d be a good idea to invest in your home office if you’re gonna be stuck in it for a while. Look for products that offer great ergonomics over what looks most comfortable.

A great example would be trying a desk that converts to a standing desk. This will allow you to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day. Not only will this better your posture, but you’ll be keeping more active while working.

You can see my personal recommendation for a standing desk here.

9) Have Regular Conference Calls


Conference Call


Having regular conference calls can be beneficial in a number of ways.

First of all, when it comes to accountability, nothing will keep you on the ball working from home like knowing you’re gonna have your boss to answer to every few days!

Who wants to take an earful from their boss?! Even more so from the comfort of your own home! How dare they!

Having this in the back of your mind will keep the pressure on to be more productive and therefore keeping you from getting bored working from home.

What’s more, it’ll probably help your sanity levels being able to have conference calls with your colleagues and catch up with the office gossip and get your fix of office banter that you so sorely miss!

10) Lock Yourself Out Of Social Media


No Social Media


For anyone who’s serious about being productive while working from home, this is a must.

Nothing will destroy your productivity levels like the mindless browsing of social media. 10 minutes before the start of your working day suddenly turns in an hour. By this point, you’ve ruined any motivation likely any targets you had for the day.

This means the rest of the day is just an uphill battle, often leaving you unable to get those small tasks completed and finding those small wins that boost your motivation.

Do what you can to stay away from social media until you finish for the day. Google Chrome allows you to have separate taskbars, so you can hide social media while you’re working, for example.


If you find yourself trapped working from home due to the Corona, I hope you’ll find these tips helpful. Not only in terms of preventing you from getting bored working from home, but in productivity too.

Do you work from home? What do you do to keep motivated and sane? Leave a comment below if you have any other ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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