Digital Nomad Jobs

Digital Nomad Jobs: 5 Ways To Join The Nomad Movement


Working from a hammock in Hawaii, a hostel in Hanoi, or a beach in Bali.. if you’ve read anything about the digital nomad lifestyle before, it’s easy to see why you’re drawn in!

The nomad movement affords you the ultimate freedom of being able to work from wherever your heart desires.


Digital Nomad Lifestule



This lifestyle shares a lot of the same benefits that come with being location independent, which you can read more about here.

If you find yourself with a constant itch to travel and see more of the world, you probably want to read on. Here you’ll find interesting ways you can earn while travelling and truly live the digital nomad life.

With these digital nomad jobs, Gone will be the days you’re confined to an office 9-5!


If this is the first time you’re hearing of the digital nomad movement, have you been living under a rock?!

The digital age brought with it many wacky new ways to make money online, thus creating evermore opportunity to work from wherever you want and become truly location independent.

Whether you’re looking to find easy online jobs, make money from your hobby, or work online part-time, the digital age has brought opportunities for everyone.

With these new opportunities, the digital nomad movement is booming. More and more people are finding ways to make a living online, allowing them to travel and earn from anywhere in the world.

Digital Nomad Movement

Given the way the world is heading, the nomad movement is only going to continue to grow, with more and more people able to live their dream lifestyle.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. Such a lifestyle does come with a fair amount of compromise and sacrifice. However, that’s a topic of its own. If you’re interested, TwoWanderingSoles has a great article covering the important things to consider before quitting your job in favour of the nomad life.

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With that said, here are some interesting digital nomad jobs that go hand in hand with the nomad lifestyle!


1) Blogging


Starting a blog isn’t really something you’d have associated with the word ‘job’ a few years ago. It’s important to remember too that even now, your primary motive behind starting a blog should be as a hobby.

If you don’t enjoy what you’re writing about, then your readers aren’t going to enjoy reading it. It’s that simple, and it’s something that ultimately leads to a lot of people failing.

Another thing people don’t realise is just how much work goes into blogging. From the site design to creating content, to promotion, to affiliations, to product creation, to marketing. There’s a lot of work to be done and it can get overwhelming for a lot of people.

It also takes a lot of time to get your content noticed and start building a following and traffic to your blog. This can deter many from starting in the first place.

With all this said, blogging can become a very lucrative job when done correctly. It’s not unheard of for people to make upwards of $200k a year from blogging.

You’ll usually see blogs monetise with display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and eventually selling their own products.

This is a great digital nomad job opportunity for a digital nomad who likes to travel because not only will you have endless interesting travel topics to blog about, you open yourself up to receiving sponsored trips and working with brands through your blog.

2) Photography


Photography can be another lucrative digital nomad job opportunity, especially if you already have a passion for photography.

There are a few different options when it comes to photography and how you can make money from it. Some of those options are:

  • Being hired as a photographer for events
  • Photographing for modelling agencies
  • Selling stock photographs
  • Working with brands
  • Starting a photography blog
  • Running your own website

As you can see, there are quite a few great options and you’re able to do all of these from pretty much anywhere!

This goes hand in hand with a digital nomad lifestyle due to the nature of the travelling life. You’ll have great opportunities to capture stunning photographs around the world of scenes that people don’t regularly have access to.

Travel photography has been a red hot niche for a long time and it’s easy to see why. Companies are willing to pay a lot of money for top quality photographs that are hard to obtain.

You’ll also have the opportunity to sell photographs anytime you like on stock platforms such as Shutterstock. You can do this from anywhere in the world.

3) Youtube


This is an option that a lot of people wouldn’t be comfortable with, not everyone is happy talking in front of a camera and posting it online.

This makes it a great opportunity for those that are happy to do it though. The higher barrier for entry means there’s less competition making it more lucrative.

For example, you’ll find a lot more competition creating a website and starting a blog than if you were to start a YouTube channel and start vlogging.

It’s also easy to monetise with YouTube videos. Once you qualify, you’re able to start putting ads on your videos which you’ll make money from. Like blogging, you can also do affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

This also fits well with a digital nomad travelling lifestyle as travel vlogging has always been a profitable niche, and it’ll open the door to working with brands and being paid to go on sponsored trips.

Then your job literally will be to travel the world… Isn’t that just the dream?!

4) Instagram Influencer


Of all of these jobs, the barrier for entry for this one is probably the highest.

It takes an insane amount of time to grow on Instagram, and even then only the lucky few will ever make it to the big leagues.

By this point, we’ve all heard of them, and we all know just how popular they can become.

What some people don’t realise though, is just how lucrative it can be. Some of the more popular Instagram influencers are earning $1000’s for every single post!

The simple reason they’re able to make so much money is because of the number of eyeballs they draw to their content. Companies will pay a fortune to advertise in front of an influencer’s audience if it fits their demographic.

The biggest earners for influencers are sponsored posts, often where a brand will pay for them to showcase their product or service.

Similarly to other digital nomad jobs on this list, there’s massive opportunity to work with brands and get sent their products or be sent on sponsored trips.

Obviously, you can also do this from anywhere in the world, all you need is an Instagram account. Travel is also one of Instagram’s most popular niches, which works in favour of someone living the digital nomad lifestyle.

5) Social Media Manager

Social Media

This last one is a bit of a contrast to the rest of the ideas on this list. This is the only job on this list where you won’t be in the public eye, except for some forms of photography maybe.

This also means it’s the only job on this list that doesn’t rely on you building an audience or a following in order to make money. This can be good news in the fact that those ways of earning often take a long time to get going.

When becoming a social media manager, you’ll often be taking control of other businesses and busy individuals social media presence. You’ll be interacting with their audience and managing their marketing campaigns.

It still requires certain skills, such as knowing the inner workings of various social media platforms. You’ll also often need some social media marketing skills, but to some, this is a much better option than trying seemingly forever to build up their own following.

What’s more, this is probably the only digital nomad job on this list that will have you employed and earning a salary, which is far more consistent than the others on this list, though a fair bit less lucrative.

It still goes pretty well with the digital nomad lifestyle though. You’re often able to work on your own schedule and the vast majority of these jobs will have you working remotely, meaning you can do it from anywhere!

Having these skills and the contacts that this line of work can offer could also be beneficial in building your own following, allowing you to build that into an income stream down the road.


That’s all for this list of different ideas for digital nomad jobs. Some of them aren’t something you’d regularly go for, but great ideas and opportunities to get stuck into the nomad lifestyle!

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