Money Makers

Money Makers: How 3 Online Millionaires Made A Fortune


I don’t know about you, but I love a good original rags to riches story. There’s nothing more inspiring than seeing how young spontaneous money makers leverage the internet in different ways to amass fortunes.

We’re all guilty sometimes of having our off days and feeling demotivated, leaving us feeling lazy and unproductive, and therefore uninspired to achieve anything.

I hold my hands up, I know I have these days too and it’s not uncommon to be left disappointed by my output.

The idea behind this article then becomes clear. This is the kind of thing I like to read when I’m feeling lazy and uninspired.

Whenever you’re feeling a bit down or stuck in a rut, find something like this for a little motivational boost! Find the inspiration to keep heading towards your goals.

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With that said, show us the money makers.. yeah not sure that was the best way to put it! You get what I mean though.

1) Money Makers – Biaheza


Money Makers - Biaheza


Early Life

Biaheza, which I’m sure isn’t his real name, is only a young whippersnapper. 19 in fact, at the time of writing this article. Born in the small Eastern European country of Belarus, he moved with his family to the US at the age of 6.

In his younger years, or even younger years, he lived in a few different apartment complexes in California with his family. During this time he started dabbling in little side hustles such as flipping bikes on Craigslist and selling cheap gadgets and toys. He also gave YouTube a go while he was in 5th grade.

Moving on to middle school, the boy they call Biaheza was moving up in the world. By this time he was fixing iPhone screens and selling graphic design gigs on Fiverr. What a baller.

You can read more about selling services on Fiverr in my article about making money from hobbies.

Growing Up

By the age of 14, he began using Instagram and quickly recognized it’s power as a social media platform. This was around the time that travel and photography theme pages started becoming popular, gathering huge followings, which caught his eye.

Blissfully unaware of the money making potential of these pages, he started one himself because he liked the idea of it. This wasn’t to work out though and he found himself with his first off the books job at 15 handing out flyers for a local restaurant.

Now 16 years old and legally able to get his first job, he found work in a department store. It was also around this time that one of his Instagram pages started to get a bit of traction.

The page, in the travel and nature niche, had grown to 13,000 followers when he sold his first shoutout for $10. Exciting times for a kid at 16! From here he started to see the money making potential and started a bunch more pages.

Most of these failed but the few that were doing well he kept grinding up and selling shoutouts on, before eventually starting to flip them for a profit.

Noticing that a lot of the shoutout requests he was getting were from dropshippers, he decided to give it a go himself. You can learn more about dropshipping in my list of online part time jobs.

However, his first venture into dropshipping wasn’t a profitable one despite the social media advertising experience he could apply. From here he graduated school a year early and went to study a degree all while working and building his Instagram theme pages.

Moving On Up

After putting all this work into his theme pages, they started to really take off. In the space of a short few months, he went from selling $500 of shoutouts to over $2000 in a single month. A budding entrepreneur.

He then decided with these large pages as a base for advertising, he’d give dropshipping another go.

He found a product that was selling well, built a website, and started to advertise on his theme pages.

The ad went viral making him over $500 in sales on the first day.


Biaheza $500 Day Money Maker


Excited by the results, he posted the ads to his other pages as well as others. The ads kept going viral netting him a decent $25k in the first month!


Biaheza Earnings $25k


It didn’t stop there though, now we get to the real money makers, he went on to make another $50,000 roughly in the next 2 months. It was then he decided to quit his job and take it more seriously.


Biaheza Earnings $50k


After sales of the first product dried up, he started marketing others and moved to Facebook advertising rather than his theme pages. He saw his earnings continue to grow despite the margins being smaller.

Come April 2019, and he’d completed his first 6 figure month in sales revenue.


Biaheza $100k Month


Now mastering his Facebook ad scaling strategy, the very next month he made over $100k profit, in that month alone.


Biaheza $100k Profit Month


Biaheza continues to build his eCommerce empire and now offers a dropshipping course that you can check out here.

2) Money Makers – Akshay Ruparelia


Money Makers - Akshay Ruparelia


Early Achiever

Akshay Ruparelia was born in 1998 and was raised in North London.

It was after moving house with his parents at the age of 10, the young entrepreneur in Akshay noticed there was something wrong about how estate agents can get away with charging huge amounts in fees when selling a home.

He went on to learn that the estate agent charged a 2% flat fee, which happened to be around £4000 on their home. At the age of just 10, he saw this as an opportunity to provide a better service.

At just 17 years of age, Akshay started his company, called Doorsteps, with a loan from his parents. Doorsteps is a UK estate agent, the fastest growing estate agent in the UK, in fact.

In the early days, he hired a call centre to answer the calls coming in while he was at school. His model is based on employing an ever-expanding network of self-employed mothers.

The beauty of the Doorsteps business model is that they are an online-only estate agent. This means they don’t have large overheads and can pass those savings down to customers.

What’s more, Akshay saw that what other estate agents charged was just pure greed. He saw no need to be charging these high commissions.

Therefore, his service comes at a fee of just £99 for the sale of any home. This means customers save £1000’s just for using his service over others. Easy to see why it’s so popular then!

The Rise and Rise

Doorsteps made its first sale when Akshay was still 17. The property owner sold his £640,000 property and paid only £99 in fees.

Akshay was offered a place to study at Oxford university but instead deferred to concentrate on Doorsteps.

Within the first year of trading, Doorsteps was worth over £12 million, but Akshay only pays himself a wage of £1,000 a month. He also still lives with his parents in order to look after them, as they are both deaf.

Today, Doorsteps is worth over £18 million and is the 10th largest estate agent in the UK after just 3 years.

A beautiful and inspiring money maker’s story.

3) Money Makers – Jane Gokgoz


Money Makers - Jane Gokgoz


Jane worked in London before moving to Northampton to focus on raising her 2 children, which she was her sole focus throughout their childhood.

When Jane started looking at getting back into work, she wanted to do something related to retail. It was then she got the idea of starting her own personalised gift shop.

Her children’s names are quite obscure so she always struggles when trying to find gifts for them, this is where the idea for her business came from.

From here, she opened her online personalised gift shop from her kitchen table, with no more than £5.50 to invest in becoming an entrepreneur.

With a budget so low, Jane decided to cut out the middlemen and deal with suppliers directly herself. This was great for her for a few reasons in that it was much cheaper to deal with them herself, and she had much more control with suppliers and sourcing products.

Despite investing so little, Jane saw the potential for growth if she dedicated her investments to the right parts of the business.

Keeping her investment costs so low in the early days, she was able to hire a team of in-house designers to create new products for the shop. Early on there was just a small selection of gifts that could be personalised.

Moving everything in-house was a costly venture for Jane, who had to remortgage and borrow as much as she could. The investment paid off though as she now stocks over 14,000 gifts and employs over 30 staff.

Despite gifts being personalised, she prides her shop on a 24 hour turnaround time.

This means that from her £5.50 investment, PGS UK has now turned over more than £7 million

Wrapping Up

I hope you could find some inspiration in these money makers’ stories. I find they help motivate me and spur me on to succeed and achieve my goals.

Which was your favourite story? Have a story of your own to tell? Leave a comment below and get in touch, I’d love to hear it!

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