Passive Income Apps

Passive Income Apps: 10 Apps To Make A Side Income


Nowadays, more people than ever are looking beyond their 9-5 to make a bit of extra cash. Here are 10 passive income apps that’ll make you a bit of side cash doing little to nothing!

As the world gets more expensive, there’s evermore need to create multiple streams of income.

Prices of goods and services are on the rise, property prices have been on the up for years, and there are endless lists of taxes introduced by our governments regularly.

It’s no wonder more and more people are turning to making money online and starting side hustles to make more money. Our salaries just don’t keep up with the rising costs of living!


Passive Income Apps


If you’re not in a position to start your own business or invest in a side hustle just yet, take a look at these passive income apps to start making a bit of extra money on the side!

If you’d like to learn more about passive income, try some of these passive income books! Learn how to make money from your hobby, or find ideas for online part time jobs.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the list!


1) Swagbucks




Swagbucks seems to have been around for donkey’s years, certainly got in before making money online really took off anyway.

By now, Swagbucks has positioned itself at the forefront of survey sites and has established itself as one of the best in the business.

You can get paid to search, play games, shop online, complete surveys, and watch ads… Just to name a few.

An easy way to make a bit of extra cash if you’ve got some time to kill.

You can get started with Swagbucks here

2) Acorns




Acorns is first and foremost for investing, but it has a few cool features that can make it a great passive income app!

First of all, you can link a credit or debit card to your Acorns account. Then whenever you shop, Acorns will round the transaction up to the nearest dollar and invest the extra change.

This can add up fairly quickly if you’re a frequent online shopper. Acorns primarily uses Vanguard ETF’s to invest your change. Not only can this make you a small passive income, but it’s also great for saving a bit of money.

Another feature of note is their “Found Money” service, that functions as a cashback site. This makes you savings every time you shop.

A nifty little app for making a small passive income and saving money. You can check Acorns out here

3) Drop




Drop is a very simple app, it functions essentially as a cashback site.

When you sign up, drop allows you to pick 5 stores that you will earn cashback from automatically when you shop. Although, there are many more available for you to earn cashback from.

They have some decent services and stores available too such as Uber, Starbucks, and Walmart.

It’s not going to net you a fortune, but if you’re going to shop regardless, you might as well get something back from it eh?

4) MobileXpression




MobileXpression is a data collection app, meaning they pay you for allowing them to collect data from you. They do this for market research purposes.. I hope!

You don’t have to do anything. Data collection apps like this are the epitome of passive income. Simply install it on your smartphone and allow it to collect data in the background as you go about your day.

It’s not gonna have you buying Rollies or Lambo’s any time soon but every little helps, you know? You can expect to earn an extra $5/month or so, but you literally are doing nothing.

5) Sweatcoin




Sweatcoin is another data collection app, so once again you’re earning by just having the app running in the background!

It does come with a little twist though. It’s actually a fitness app (booo!), you’ll get paid in their native currency, sweatcoins, as you walk around.

These can be redeemed on the app, and there’s actually some pretty lucrative rewards! For example, one of the results is a crisp $1,000.. you’d probably have to walk to the moon and back to get that though.

That being said, it’s money for nothing once again and it might even promote getting a bit of exercise and fresh air. Win-win!

6) Nielsen Mobile & Computer Panel


Nielsen Panel


Depending on where you’re located, the Nielsen mobile & computer panel could net you an extra $50/year doing next to nothing. Can’t really shake a stick at that!

The catch though, if you’re outside of North America, you’re pretty much stuck with the computer panel. What that does, is enter you into monthly sweepstakes with the chance to win prizes.

North American users have the luxury of accessing the Mobile panel, where many of their users can make up to $50/year.

If you want to check it out, do so here.

7) Rakuten




Rakuten has been around for a while and has made its name as one of the biggest cashback sites around. Formerly Ebates, Rakuten offers a platform for users to shop through and earn cashback when shopping with their partnered merchants.

The great thing about Rakuten is that you can be almost certain that whatever you’re looking to purchase will be eligible for cashback, since they partner with 1000’s of the biggest retailers in the world, including Amazon.

It’s not completely automated as you’ll have to shop through their platform and be redirected to the merchant, but this can be helped by their browser extension.

Go here to start earning cashback with Rakuten!

8) Paribus




Paribus is a nifty little passive income app. It doesn’t make you a passive income per se, but it does have some cool little tricks up its sleeve that can recoup some of your spendings.

It works using price protection guarantees, when you sign up, Paribus will track any online shopping done with that email address. If the price drops after you purchase, Paribus will go to work and try to get back some of that money! Clever!

9) S’Mores Lockscreen


S'mores lockscreen passive income apps


S’mores is great in that it truly is a passive income. It works by changing your phone’s lock screen to instead display an ad.

It’s completely non-intrusive and you can still unlock and use your phone as normal.

It only pays 10c a day, but that’s over $35 a year doing absolutely nothing!

The catch? It’s only available on android devices :(

10) Grindabuck


Grindabuck Passive Income


The nice thing about Grindabuck is the passive earnings section of the site. Bread and butter of passive income apps

You can simply sign up and set up a laptop or tablet to watch videos from the passive earnings section and you’ll earn money!

Simple as that really

Go here to get started with Grindabuck


That wraps up my list of top passive income apps, hopefully, you’ve found something useful and can start making a bit of extra side income! Truth is though, none of these apps are gonna make you rich.

However, it is money for doing nothing, and for that reason, you’re able to have a bunch of these apps running in the background at the same time. Doing this can really help the earnings and savings build up, you’ll surely have enough for a nice treat by the end of the year!

Do you use any of these apps? Are there any others you feel deserve to be on this list? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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